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Why are some Christian entrepreneurs happier, more confident, and more successful than others?

There’s a spiritual revolution happening in business today.

Mastering your God-given personality is key to achieving

balance, success, and confidence.

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Separating your spiritual life and your business life isn’t working anymore.

Business schools aren’t teaching personal development and growth.  They focus on the textbooks, leaving out God.


That’s because it used to be frowned upon to be a successful business owner making money and also grow spiritually.


This leads people to live divided lives - a life at home and then a life in business.


This division slows down our overall potential growth.


Today’s business world is built by entrepreneurs doing what they are BORN TO DO.

People want to do business with specialists and experts - not generalists that don’t focus.


We all trust businesses more when we feel like they know us and the things we go through.


That can only happen when the leader of that business feels like it’s their duty, obligation, and responsibility to fulfill that service or product offering to a specific tribe of customers.


We ignore the people we’re supposed to serve when we try to serve everyone.


We don’t do what we love to do when we’re trying to provide services and products we weren’t meant to create.


The only way to be successful in business is to serve ONE audience with ONE message...and discovering this is FIRST PRIORITY!

It’s written in the stars.  You were put in this business world for a reason.


From before you were born, you were called to launch a purpose-focused company.

The only question that remains is….will you respond?

Sick and Tired of Chasing After
Perfect Business Opportunity?

Let’s face it.


You can go to YouTube and watch a million videos on business ideas and marketing tricks.


You can go to an Ivy League school for 4 years (like me) and never be taught the personal foundations one needs to understand the exact business we were created to own.


We’re inundated with tons of great business savvy, juggling different teaching platforms, 5 gurus, and countless networking events (if you even have time for that).


There’s ALWAYS a new business twist to learn about.


We go from idea to idea and philosophy to philosophy trying to figure it out for ourselves.


It feels like we’re chasing for some elusive dream, all the while feeling lost and alone.


We can’t keep on.  We’re on Opportunity Overload.  We’re being Distracted. We’re being taken in the wrong direction.


And we’re not feeling meaning and purpose in our business lives.


Not exactly the entrepreneurial dream that we thought would happen when we started our businesses.

Alex Miranda, @DailyGodpreneur

I’m a Christian entrepreneur, just like you.


I wasn’t feeling any meaning and purpose in my business.


In fact, my business served nightclubs and strip clubs, while at the same time I was going to church and drawing closer to God.


I felt like I had a double-life - my church life, and my business life.


And the closer I got to God, the more frustrated I got with my business because I was realizing that it wasn’t the business I was really supposed to be in.


But what business, God?


And let’s say I do have this God First business….how do I do business “by the book?”


I went to an Ivy League school, why am I feeling like I know nothing about my calling or even operating a business correctly?


I spent years running a business I wasn’t supposed to be running.


At some point, I knew what I needed to do, but I still ran away from that calling.


I was burnt out, frustrated, and tired of doing business alone.


I needed a change.  I needed a partner. I needed God to take control of my entrepreneurial career.

Even though my business was building logos and websites, I found myself wanting to go deeper into the entrepreneur’s heart and find out if they were really meant to start that business I was branding.


I devoted myself to learning more about calling and identity in the Bible.  And as I read, I started to see the bible had so much to say not only about our calling and purpose, but also in all areas of business.


And that’s when I had my Godpreneur moment.  That’s when I told myself that I was going to read the bible cover to cover and blog about everything I was able to see that would benefit entrepreneurs.


I started sharing a blog a month, then a blog a week, then it turned into a daily devotion of mine. I couldn’t wait to wake up, make my coffee, sit down, read the Bible, and write my blogs.


At first, it was to an audience of….one.


Then a few people started reading the blogs.  Then I decided to email the blogs out. Then I decided to start an Instagram channel to promote “godpreneur rules” that I found - little golden nuggets of wisdom for all entrepreneurs.

That’s when Godpreneur blew up and I started to see that the people were hungry for more of God in their businesses.


My struggle to find my own identity and the identity of my clients was the best thing to happen to me because it led me to seek God’s daily for business knowledge - which I still do and plan to do forever.


A Godpreneur is defined as

an entrepreneur that puts God First in their business by learning as much as he or she can  about what the bible says about all areas of business.

Rise of the Godpreneur

As a Godpreneur, your business is based on what God called you to do.


You’re in your zone of genius, your unique ability, your purpose, what you were born to do.


As a Godpreneur, you are no longer controlled by the fads of the world and the swings of the stock market or politics.


All you need to understand is that God’s called you to create products and services, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.


As a Godpreneur, your confusions, divisions, and distractions are OVER.

You have a God-vantage.

(The only question is are you tapping into The Source?)

Smiling Young Man
Happy Young Woman

Being a Godpreneur lets you tap directly into the business manual of your own calling.

When you running and operating the business that God set aside for you, it doesn’t even feel like work.  It’s almost unfair. It feels like you’re being paid to have FUN.


PLUS....your business will give you meaning and purpose.  You’ll have a sense of direction and focus because, for the first time in forever, you have a BOSS that you need to report to.


Now that you’re in your “Born to Do” identity, you’ll know which opportunities to pursue and clients will be magnetically attracted to your products and services.


And once you’re in your “calling,” now you’re in obedience to how your brain and body were designed, and now you can build a sustainable business.

Imagine the day where you’re not wearing 100 hats because you’re sticking to your calling and other people are supporting that?


It’s amazing to finally let go of the business you were running before, and start embracing the company that the marketplace has been waiting for you to open all along.


It’s an amazing NEW way of doing business that will transform you, your employees, your products and your services.


It’s the essence of branding:  an outward expression of your inner desire to see change in the marketplace.


And we’ll all be enjoying better products and services if we were all just aware of the very business we were born to create.

iMac Pro Mockup.png

When you enter our campus, you access a complete

Godpreneur roadmap, a world-class library of resources and a community to encourage and support you.


We’re also forming a team of other Godpreneurs that are teaching you from their own “Born to Do” calling in all areas of business.


Think of this as Cornell University meets Christian entrepreneurship!

Introducing The
Godpreneur Academy

So the question is HOW can you become a Godpreneur?


You have to uncover what you were born to do, decide on a niche, plan out your services and/or products, launch the business, and begin telling the whole world about it!


But doing this all by yourself is, in fact, IMPOSSIBLE.  That’s not the way God designed things. We were meant for community - that’s why we meet at church, attend life groups, and do activities with other like-minded people.


Which is EXACTLY why we created the Godpreneur’s like church, but for entrepreneurs (don’t replace this for church, you SUPPLEMENT this with church).


At the Academy, you get EVERYTHING you will ever need uncover, discover, and LAUNCH the business God created you to run!

michael melfi.png

Alex has a unique ability to marry ministry and marketplace.  I want to be around that kind of message because that's what I want to do in my industry too.  I'm excited to learn and grow.


Michael Melfi

Melfi & Associates

So What Exactly Do I Get?

The Godpreneur Academy is built on 3 pillars:

Our World-Wide Monthly Devotionals

Our Exclusive
'Born To Do' Roadmap

Our Supportive Community

DGAcademy Courses.png

The Library of 26+


When you enter our online campus, you will get IMMEDIATE access to our exclusive business-focused bible plans which delivers over hundreds of hours of training videos, workshops, done-for-you blueprints, private expert interviews and bonus resources.


Our teaching and community are excellent, always growing and include courses on sales, marketing, human resources, finances, operations, leadership, partnerships, and so much more!

Group Discussion

Live Monthly Masterminds

Our monthly masterminds cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Branding, Web Development & Graphic Design (my world!)

  • Blogging and content production

  • Repurposing content into MORE content

  • Building an omni-present brand

  • Monthly brand management strategies

  • Virtual assistant mastery

  • Launching businesses, products, and services

  • Creating courses for passive income

  • Crafting your story to communicate for change

  • Email & social media marketing

  • Lead generation

  • Goal setting and expanding our mindset

  • Human resources & project management

Woman at a Desk

Our Signature "Discover Your Calling" Onboarding Program

Regardless of where you're at in your business, we want to make sure you

  • Week 1 - Find Your Calling

  • Week 2:  Craft Your Story

  • Week 3:  Launch Your Calling

  • Week 4:  Build a Tribe


For some, this will be a "refresher" to make sure you're in your calling.  For others, it will be a transforming experience of bringing your calling to life.


For everyone, it will put us all in the same frame of mind to hold each other accountable to our calling.


A New Course Added Every Month that We All Do Together

We added a new course every month.  These are our most recent courses:

  • The Business God Created You to Starts

  • 21 Breakthroughs in Business and Marriage

  • Secrets of the Chrisitan Millionaire Mind

  • Business Partnerships - God's Way

  • And many more!!!


Lead or Meet with Christian Entrepreneurs in your Church

We help you start a Godpreneur Meetup at your church.  And if you're not the "leader" type, let another person in your church that you think would be a good fit.

Learn From and Succeed Alongside Godpreneurs Like:


Andrew Cass


Ivan Corraliza

Beat Academy

Kevin Jimeno
The Smart Money Life

Ben Snelling

Dad Plus

michael melfi.png
Portrait of Smiling Businesswoman

Myleen Obando
Launch in 2 Days

Michael Melfi

Be Investable

Mark Rodriguez


Rosanne Tersigni


The Roadmap

Every important journey needs a map.

That’s precisely why we have created a detailed 3-track

Godpreneur roadmap just for you:

Track #1
UNCOVER what you were BORN TO DO

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Discover:  Learn How To Discover The Business you were born to start

  • Define:  Define what you like and don’t like

  • Analyze:  Analyze the change you’d like to see in the world

  • Decide:  Pick a niche to serve

Track #2
BUILD a business around your CALLING

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Story:  Craft your story (testimony)

  • Product Creation:  Build your perfect products and services

  • Branding:  Design Your brand and Website

  • Operations:  Learn the tools to run a business cost-effectively and efficiently

  • Social Media:  Begin making noise on social media

Track #3
MONETIZE your God First Business

In this section we will cover how to…

  • Tribe:  Create content that the world needs to hear about to build your initial tribe email list

  • Attract:  Be the lion - step in and own the marketplace to attract business to yourself

  • Sell:  Sell products and services 24/7 by automating your sales department

  • Serve:  Deliver an excellent service to your clients and get unlimited repeat business and referrals


The most important thing I’m attempting to solve through the Godpreneur Academy is how to effectively build a Christ-centered highly successful business, while I maintain the balance of my life and create a long-term legacy for my kids both spiritually and monetarily. 



Ben Snelling

The Godpreneur

Academy Community

iMac Pro Mockup.png

A Godpreneur business is built on COMMUNITY. So it’s not at all surprising that the real magic of our Godpreneur Academy lies in the relationships you’ll form.


Think about your church bible study groups....and everyone in the group is a Godpreneur.  You can exchange ideas for growth, as well as support each other during uncertain times.


You’re going to meet Godpreneurs of all types.  Together you will share success secrets, practical tips and ‘business bible lessons learned’ as well as give each other encouragement and support.


You’ll have private forums and groups, away from the distractions of groups on social media platforms.


We’re even going to help you setup meetups with Godpreneurs in your city!

Apart from the private forums, you will have dozens of opportunities to meet

Godpreneur Academy members in person through mini-masterminds and meet ups.


Alex has been a tremendous influence on me both professionally and personally.  I don't know a single person in the marketplace that is teaching on the level he is, yet always able to easily weave in faith and spiritual growth into the conversation.  It's truly unique.


Andrew Cass

And There's More...!

But that’s not all. Because we will also share some unbelievable

bonuses the minute you check into Godpreneur Academy.

You will get access to…

iMac Pro Mockup-B2D.png

The Born To Do Method

($1000 Value)

I'm passionate about inspiring Christian Entrepreneurs to discover, uncover and recover God's entrepreneurial Vision for their life.  This is my calling, my service to the world. I want to help entrepreneurs stop dreaming, and start taking off. In the Born to Do Method, I take you through the process of uncovering, discovering, and launching the business you were born to do!

Launch in 2 Days

($2500 Value)

Got an idea? Isn’t that cute. If that idea doesn't come to life, it's as good as if you never even thought about it. This course has the tools to make that idea a reality. Need a logo? A website? Business Cards? Everything you need to build your business you can find on this signature course.

iMac Pro Mockup-L2D.png
iMac Pro Mockup-Niche.png

Decide on a Niche ($97 Value)

A course to help you choose the perfect niche that you can dominate in your business.


You'll go through a step-by-step of discovering your niche and finally making the decision to go after one single customer!

And There's More...!

The world needs to be FULL of successful Godpreneurs.

That’s precisely why we have kept the investment to join our Academy as low as possible.

You can choose to pay $59 monthly or get our most popular annual package where you save a whopping $150.

Just think.

These affordable prices translates into an investment of less than $2 a day—probably less than you pay for a cup of coffee!

Here’s a wrap-up of everything you will get:




best value.png



(50% OFF)


  • 3 Track, 24 Part ‘Godpreneur Roadmap’

  • Full Access to Community Forums

  • Full Access to Business Bible Study Plans

  • Live Monthly Mastermind Calls

  • Complete ‘Born to Do’ Onboarding

  • Unlimited Access to Monthly Workshops

  • BONUS: Free Access to the
    ‘Launch in 2 Days’ System

  • BONUS: Free Access to the ‘Born to Do Method’

  • BONUS: Free Access to the ‘Decide Already’ Course

  • 3 Track, 24 Part ‘Godpreneur Roadmap’

  • Full Access to Community Forums

  • Full Access to Business Bible Study Plans

  • Live Monthly Mastermind Calls

  • Complete ‘Born to Do’ Onboarding

  • Unlimited Access to Monthly Workshops

  • BONUS: Free Access to the
    ‘Launch in 2 Days’ System

  • BONUS: Free Access to the ‘Born to Do Method’

  • BONUS: Free Access to the ‘Decide Already’ Course

    Discounted tickets to the ‘Godpreneur Summit’ and our other Live Events!


30 Day No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee

We’re extremely confident that you’ll find being part of the Godpreneur Academy useful in more ways than one. But, if for whatever reason you don’t feel the same, just let us know at any point in your first 30-days and we’ll send you a full refund. Guaranteed.


I wanted access to people who have been there already.  There's a lot of guys out there with communities of entrepreneurs, but not all of them are putting God first.  I love that I can grow my business and grow my faith.  That's awesome!

Ivan Corraliza

the future of business is here

(and the future is YOU)





best value.png



(50% OFF)


  • 3 Track, 12 Part ‘Godpreneur Roadmap’

  • Full Access to Community Forums

  • Full Access to Business Bible Study Plans

  • Live Monthly Mastermind Calls

  • Complete ‘Process Blueprint’ Collection

  • Unlimited Access to Monthly Workshops

  • BONUS: Free Access to the
    ‘Launch in 2 Days’ System

  • BONUS: Free Access to the ‘Born to Do Method’

  • BONUS: Free Access to the ‘Decide Already’ Course

  • 3 Track, 12 Part ‘Godpreneur Roadmap’

  • Full Access to Community Forums

  • Full Access to Business Bible Study Plans

  • Live Monthly Mastermind Calls

  • Complete ‘Process Blueprint’ Collection

  • Unlimited Access to Monthly Workshops

  • BONUS: Free Access to the
    ‘Launch in 2 Days’ System

  • BONUS: Free Access to the ‘Born to Do Method’

  • BONUS: Free Access to the ‘Decide Already’ Course

    Discounted tickets to the ‘Godpreneur Summit’ and our other Live Events!

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