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20 Keys to Successful

Christian Business Blogging

Let God Speak Through You into the Marketplace
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As a Christian Entrepreneur, we are expected to fulfill our calling and serve the reason God sent us on this earth … But sometimes we lose course and get misguided or distracted.

Sometimes we push too hard and expect too much from others. 


What if, instead, we focused on letting God blog though us, express through us and guide us, such that our blogs reach to exactly ‘those’ people who need our help the most. In this way, without any push, our writings automatically reach the ones who need it the most. 


This Successful Christian Blogging course teaches you to effortlessly connect with your narrow audience whom you can responsibly influence and guide better using the follow strategies:


  • Identify your ideal reader avatar and write for them

  • Record your growth led by consistent activity

  • Become God’s messenger and write to express

  • Surviving depression, loneliness and writer’s block


…and much, much more.

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2.7 Hours


7 Days


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What You’ll Get When You Sign-up Below:

We’re giving away this course to say “thank you” to our thousands of Daily Godpreneur subscribers for all your support and to help empower you to live your best life.


So, thank you :-)


To get access and download your copy of The 20 Keys to Successful Christian Blogging, enroll below and then access it.

Our heart breaks for a certain group of people out there. That is a clue God has given us to find our target audience and write blogs that serve them.

When we become a Godpreneur, God teaches us perseverance to keep blogging even when we are not getting the likes, comments, subscribers that we would like.

Identify and get recognised for our unique writing DNA that God has specially gifted us so that we don’t become carbon copies of others. 

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Become A Godpreneur.

Let God Be Your CEO. 

Being a Godpreneur isn’t a religious thing. Let’s get that out of the way right now.


Many of us entrepreneurs struggle to incorporate God into our business.  Either we don’t see how God would care about the industry we’re in or product/service we offer, or we’re ashamed or embarrassed to be “that religious guy.”


This isn’t a religious thing.  This is about finding deeper meaning, purpose, and passion for your business.


When I first started letting God into my life again, it started out through the area of relationships. I was a South Beach nightclub promoter, so I was constantly in and out of relationships with women. Life was empty, and I felt lonely. I was looking to settle down.


A girlfriend of mine at the time started talking to me about God. To please her, I attended church on Sundays. At first, infrequently and often after a night out at the clubs. Then, I began to see this ‘God thing’ as something much bigger, and I started to crave going and wanting to know more about God.


My identity was beginning to change.


Meanwhile, my business identity remained wrapped in the nightlife world. We were the top nightclub flyer design company in the world. I was writing nightlife marketing books and speaking at the nightlife conventions. We reached almost half a million dollars in sales in one year.


But something wasn’t sitting right. My identity and my business identity were at odds with each other. As CEO of this growing company, I also began to find myself in a different mindset than my partners, employees, contractors, vendors, and clients. It came to a point where I had to choose.


Why choose? Why not keep both? Why not forget about the God thing and just keep riding the upward trajectory of where my company was going. I knew it couldn’t be both. It was either the red pill or the blue pill (Matrix quote). Where would my identity be?  Christ, or Nightlife?


I chose Christ and I made Christ my CEO.


Alex Miranda

Founder, Daily Godpreneur

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Enroll into The 20 Keys to Successful Christian Blogging Course.


The 20 Keys to Successful Christian Blogging course will help you to connect with God in a unique entrepreneurial way, where you are not the Boss, God is. You follow God’s step by step instructions to serve your target audience and also learn to persevere during tough times when everyone else will give up but not you.

The Buzz About ‘20 Keys to Successful Christian Blogging’ Course

Here’s What Our Godpreneurs Are Saying….
Ivan Corraliza.jpg

Ivan Corraliza

I wanted access to people who have been there already.  There's a lot of guys out there with communities of entrepreneurs, but not all of them are putting God first.  I love that I can grow my business and grow my faith.  That's awesome!

michael melfi.png

Michael Melfi

Melfi & Associates

Alex has a unique ability to marry ministry and marketplace.  I want to be around that kind of message because that's what I want to do in my industry too.  I'm excited to learn and grow.


Ben Snelling

The most important thing I’m attempting to solve through the Godpreneur Academy is how to effectively build a Christ-centered highly successful business, while I maintain the balance of my life and create a long-term legacy for my kids both spiritually and monetarily.


Alex has been a tremendous influence on me both professionally and personally.  I don't know a single person in the marketplace that is teaching on the level he is, yet always able to easily weave in faith and spiritual growth into the conversation.  It's truly unique.

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Here's What's Included

(Plus a little something extra)

20 Keys to Successful Christian Blogging” course has been designed specially to make the Christian Entrepreneur aware that they don’t have to walk this path alone. God walks this path with each one of them so that they fulfill their life’s purpose and calling and serve those who they were meant to serve. 

When you sign up you get the entire program available in your Teachable account.

Practise and learn on your mobile, desktop, tablet or Apple TV.

Course Online

  • What You’re Called To Write About

  • Overcoming Bloggers Writing Block 

  • Being Labeled Religious 

  • Different Blogging Styles to Choose From

  • Writing to Overcome and Release 

  • Remembering God Once You Succeed

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We offer an easy and fast way to unleash the Christian entrepreneur within you. We have been supporting business owner’s daily walk ever since we started back in 2014 and we plan to expand even more in the 2020’s. Join our daily devotionals and take part in our monthly bible studies and masterclasses. Get ready to change your business life!


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Enroll into The 20 Keys to Successful Christian Blogging Course.

The 20 Keys to Successful Christian Blogging course will help you to connect with God in a unique entrepreneurial way, where you are not the Boss, God is. You follow God’s step by step instructions to serve your target audience and also learn to persevere during tough times when everyone else will give up but not you.


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