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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

From a Christian

This is a Christian entrepreneur’s video book summary of New York Times best-seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. We as Godpreneurs must transform our minds because of thoughts and behavioral patterns that the world taught us

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Join our latest Masterclass and go deep into a powerful transformational idea with one of our Godpreneur teachers. Classes are free to attend and air for a limited time.

Starting a Christian Small Group at Your Church

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With Alex Miranda

How Pastors Can Minister to Christian Entrepreneurs

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With Alex Miranda

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Powered by community and connection, Godpreneur Business Bible Studies turns learning into a group adventure. Our programs are based on the Bible and it’s transformative message for entrepreneurs, delivered in an elegant app that trains you for 20 minutes a day. Your first study is on us.

The longevity Blueprint

Disposición de la tabla ingenioso

How to Become a


Ben Greenfield

Born to Do


The longevity Blueprint

Disposición de la tabla ingenioso

Ben Greenfield

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At Mindvalley Mentoring, each class is based on the transformational theory of “Consciousness Engineering” where you learn to model some of the world’s top minds. Get exclusive access to 100+ world-class teachers as they upgrade your mind and install life-changing new models of reality in you.

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