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Become a coordinator and lead a Godpreneur Meetup where you live.That Leads a Successful Entrepreneur Ministry.

This is What

Godpreneur Leaders

Look Like

Right now, people are struggling with their businesses. Join us on the mission to help them overcome barriers, renew their minds, become financially free, and take back their lives. As a Godpreneur Meetup leader, you’ll help people where you live go from “I’ve had it!” to “I’ve got this!”

Lead a Meetup



A Business Expert


Anyone. That means you too.

This year, we want to partner with thousands of rock-star business leaders who change the lives of millions of people. (Yeah. It’s a pretty huge deal.)

They aren’t know-it-all business pros—just people with a heart to help others. Alex Miranda and his network of Godpreneur Instructors handle all the teaching. And a dedicated advisor walks with you every step of the way.


It’s not about fixing people’s business problems. It’s about developing the network and watching divine connections happen.

We get it. This commitment is big. But volunteering to lead a Meetup is simple.


As a coordinator, you’ll invite people to the meetup. You’ll show video lessons and lead discussions. You’ll sit knee to knee and listen to their business needs and help make connections. That’s how you start making a difference.

Read real stories of how leaders are changing lives.



Set Up Your Meetup

Schedule to lead a class in your community, church, or home at a date and time that work best for you.



Spread the Word

Use our promotional tools to invite people to your class and get them pumped to grow their business, God’s way!.


Get Together

Gather your meetup and grab your Leader Materials, which have everything you need to lead with confidence.

Laptop Work


Coordinators get a free Coordinator Guide in an easy-to-use digital format. Use it to lead discussions and activities with confidence. You’ll also have access to the Coordinator Dashboard to play lesson videos, track attendance, message members, and stay organized. In addition, you’ll get special coordinator perks to keep you motivated on your entrepreneurial journey.

Lead a Meetup


A Business Get Back on Track

“Our marriage is so much more peaceful and happy because we never fight about money anymore! Our coordinators were incredibly encouraging through every step.”

— Bailey W.

Help Someone Start Their Business

“Because of applying the FPU principles and the support we have received from our coordinators, we did not file for bankruptcy.”

— Bailey W.

Grow Business Leaders

Equip Your Staff

Engage Your Church

We Get Your Challenges...

Started by a long-time Christian entrepreneur ministry leader—and now with a team of experienced meetup leaders—we've gone up against the same challenges you have right now:

Lack of Leaders?

You’ve got potential leaders, but you don’t have the time—or a ready-made process—to develop them.


We have the tools and process to help you grow business leaders, no matter what level they’re at.

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Entrepreneurially Shallow?

Maybe you don’t have enough entrepreneurs. Or maybe you do, but they need to grow in their business and spiritual skills.


We’ve got tools that can help you help your entrepreneurs grow into Godpreneurs.

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Do the high demands of Sunday after Sunday leave little time to grow your entrepreneur ministry into the future?

We can help you tackle the monthly stuff and grow outside of "this Sunday."

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Commitment Issues?

There’s good intention, but outside circumstances can put ministries on hold or even cancelled.

We can help you overcome roadblocks and issues that are holding back your ministry.

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Limited People and Resources
Leading in a Small Church?

Is your church under 200 average weekly attendance? You’ve got all the above challenges and more.


Don’t worry, we can help you do more with less (and we keep it affordable for your budget).

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Whatever challenge you've got...


The MEETUP Workshop

How to Lead, Teach, and Unleash a Thriving Monthly Meetup

To help you intentionally level-up the entrepreneurs of your church, we’ve created a three-part, ministry-jumpstart workshop to help you launch and grow your own monthly Godpreneur Meetup.

The MEETUP Workshop will give you a process to...

  • Develop engaging members...

  • Grow strong business leaders…

  • Attract entrepreneurs nearby...

  • And build a healthy meetup culture.

What you get

Three Video Training Sessions

The Implementation Guidebook

Team Member Assessments

Coaching Emails

The MEETUP Workshop will help you…

Get a Clear Picture...

... who your entrepreneurs are, and where they need to go.

Grow Your Ministry...

...for the long-term, and still have time to prepare for 'this Sunday.'

Discover the Process...

...to build a team of business leaders, mentors, and role models, step-by-step.

Implement the Plan...

...with a practical guidebook and insightful assessments.

Go Further, Faster...

...with accelerated training—complete the workshop in less than ninety minutes.

This premium-level video workshop is a jumpstart to build your ministry. You can get full access to it for only $7!

Purchase The Workshop Today. Only $7.


Click the button to purchase the full workshop with a one-time-only payment of $7.

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Not quite ready for the full workshop?

Get This FREE Quick-Start Video Training

Go From Nothing to LAUNCHED

with this Quick Start Training.


Learn how to get your first “interest” meeting quickly (so we can get the Meetup started).

"From Nothing to Launched" Leader's Training will help you...

  • Understand how to find the right business leader

  • Understand the best days and time

  • Understand the agenda

  • Take the next steps for the grand launch

How To Get This Free Training Video & Guidebook

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Check your inbox in about 2 minutes.

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What Other Leaders Are Saying


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quote marks has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.”

— Name, Title


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quote marks has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.”

— Name, Title

Are You a Senior Pastor...

...with business leaders who need training/mentoring?

...or, who wants to lead your entrepreneurs better?

...or, finding an entrepreneur to lead the ministry?

Learn More About How We Can Help You

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What Makes Godpreneur Meetups Different?

There are a lot of great entrepreneurial resource sites out there. Many of them are our ministry partners and friends. But what’s unique about Godpreneur Meetups that will help you lead your entrepreneur ministry to that next level of exceptional?

Our white-hot passion here at Godpreneurs is this: we want to help the Christian entrepreneurs build stronger relationships with each other that lead engaging and business-changing relationships.

And we do that through a simple, three-part framework that you can implement.

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