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My God First Business Building Community

All the training, support and accountability you need to turn your brand into an instrument God can bless and use in the marketplace!


The most important thing I’m attempting to solve through the Godpreneur Academy is how to effectively build a Christ-centered highly successful business, while I maintain the balance of my life and create a long-term legacy for my kids both spiritually and monetarily.


Ben Snelling

The Book

The essential guide to discovering your entrepreneurial calling so you can run a  meaningful and purpose-focused business.


The Best Book on Amazon

ALEX MIRANDA is the founder of Godpreneur, movement for Christian entrepreneurs who want to lead God-First businesses and be a light in their marketplaces.


This book is for those of us that want our lives and our businesses to mean something...something more than just chasing the next fad or revenue marker.


our YouTube channel publishes content weekly to help you see what the bible has to say about your business!

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Get instant FREE Access to the Becoming a Godpreneur!

Learn everything that God First Business Builders need to know to draw closer to God, profit and grow!

  • How to uncover the exact business God created you to start

  • How discover the purpose and meaning of your business

  • How to deal with the ups and downs of business, God’s way!

  • How to launch as a God-First business

  • How to learn everything the bible says about business

  • How to grow your influence, letting your light shine brighter than ever

  • Plus, much, much more!

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Our Online Academy

Since its inception in 2014, the Godpreneur brand has been the leading training for Christian entrepreneurs wanting to lead and grow business, God’s way!

Our Monthly Meetups

GodFirst.Biz Meetups


Our Founder
Alex Miranda

Alex is a successful serial entrepreneur, author, proud husband and father, and founder of the Godpreneur movement!

After graduating Cornell University in 2003, He’s spent the last 16 years starting and growing his own successful businesses and his clients businesses.  Owning a branding agency for over a decade, Alex has helped hunderds of entrepreneurs launch their businesses in all industries, all sizes, all shapes and colors.  There’s no industry that God doesn’t want to make himself known, and Alex makes sure the companies he brands do just that through great storytelling and branding.

In 2014, Alex made the big move to begin speaking directly to Christian entrepreneurs about our responsibilty, duty and obligation to lead God-first businesses...not just because the bible says it, but becuase it makes common business SENSE!  We create better products, we serve our clients better, and we in turn grow our businesses the RIGHT way!

Building and leveraging his own personal brand has helped Alex’s platform explode. He now serves a monthly audience of thousands, travels the world doing medical missions and speaking to Godpreneurs in underserved areas, and supports his own family as a… wait for it… Godpreneur!

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