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Business, God’s Way.

We’re on a mission to unite Christian entrepreneurs worldwide by teaching wisdom and transformational ideas that our business education system ignores. Start running a #GodFirstBusiness now. All experience levels welcome.

Welcome To Godpreneur:

The World’s Leading Christian Entrepreneur Personal Growth Platform

The way we approach learning today is deeply flawed. Join over 4,500 people worldwide doing it differently.

Our business education system doesn’t prepare us Christian entrepreneurs for the world today. We fill the gap with a platform that does.


Godpreneur is the largest online personal growth platform in the world. Choose from dozens of personal growth programs and transformative content taught by brilliant minds, with results that stick.

The ultimate goal is not a degree or even a goal. It’s a better you. Why?

We're creating a more spiritually conscious and connected world by teaching people how to become the greatest version of themselves while doing good for the marketplace and the humanity.

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About Godpreneur

Our Programs

Build your Faith and Business Faster with

Be The Best. Learn From The Best.

Learn from the world’s leading thought Christian business leaders and authors all on the same mission - to put #GodFirst in business.

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We release FREE 60 to 90 minute masterclasses with one of our Godpreneur teachers going deep into a powerful & transformational idea. Join Free.

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A Book Review of: 

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

This is a Christian entrepreneur’s video book summary of New York Times best-seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. We as Godpreneurs must transform our minds because of thoughts and behavioral patterns that the world taught us

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Shift the way you think and learn from incredible mentors who view the world in a different way

1. Learn Online

Did you know that you’re 5x more likely to finish a Godpreneur program when compared to other online courses? Join thousands of students who are learning differently on our advanced platform called Godpreneur Academy. The secret? Micro-learning, behavioral design, and community. In just 10-20 minutes a day, we’ll get you to the finish line with interactive tutorials on a community-driven platform.  Some courses include even live group coaching!


Go Deep with Godpreneur Academy

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2. Experience Godpreneur Events

Join like-minded growth seekers all over the world for flagship events like Godpreneur Meetups and Business Bible Studies, or for our two-day Business Launch conferences. Connect human-to-human in inspiring environments and be a part of a bigger movement.

Connect with amazing people, create epic life moments and experience transformation.

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